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What is Amity One Debt?

Amity One Debt is a premier provider of best-in-class performance based consumer debt services. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer care across our organization. From our performance-based fee structure and account management systems to our industry leading service area, all aspects of our program are designed with our consumers in mind. Our programs are custom tailored to the financial situation of each client and are continuously evaluated for quality and performance improvement. We hold ourselves, and our level of service, to a high standard of excellence and will not rest until our clients are debt free.

Our Mission is to help individuals facing true financial hardships get back on their feet and regain control of their fiscal freedom, one debt at a time.

The Amity One Team is passionate about helping people take back control of their financial freedom. Every client that signs with Alleviate becomes part of our family and we take great care to develop and nurture a long-lasting relationship. Each client is serviced by our team of dedicated account managers who remain in constant contact throughout the entire settlement process. With our performance guarantee, you can rest assured that you have a team on your side which has nothing but your best interest at heart.

  • Reliable Service – We have a total commitment to the quality and integrity of our core services. Our team is available 24/7 for customer support and assistance.
  • Consistent Performance – We are truly a performance driven company. We don’t collect any fees until we have done our job and our customers are satisfied.
  • Passion and Drive – Helping our financially distressed clients regain control of their fiscal freedom is what propels us to excellence.

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Debt Program

Whether you’re facing a huge load of debt because of poor money management skills or because of unemployment you’d probably love to lay down that burden by achieving comfort from your debts.

Debt Settlement

Comprehensive debt negotiation and settlement services for consumers struggling with a large amount of unsecured debt.

Debt Consolidation

Managing multiple debt sources can be challenging. By consolidating your debt you can easily wrap your head around one simple and lower payment to pay down owed debt.

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